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Relationships are kind of scary in such a way that everything is uncertain. You and your SO can be head over heels in love with each other today and tomorrow, your hearts can be miles apart. You never know what will happen next, so you have to make sure you communicate everything to each other...

However, even couples who are good with communication sometimes still end up breaking up. Oftentimes, it’s because they don’t notice the signs that they’ve started to drift apart.
Or, it could that they have noticed it, but don’t do anything to iron things out. With that said, here are seven warning signs that will tell you if you and your SO have started growing apart and what you can do to repair your relationship.

1. You have no time to be intimate

No, this isn’t about sex . It means showing affection towards each other here and there. This includes holding hands while walking, cuddling and doing other things that you used to do—especially when the relationship was new.
If you’ve noticed you no longer do these little things for each other, be sure to find time to sit down and talk things over. Find out why you’ve stopped making each other feel loved and special, and once you’ve found the root cause, find ways to be intimate with each other again. You won’t feel closer to each other overnight, but if you take baby steps, you’ll be closer to the goal.

2. There is lack of communication

Communication is an essential part of all kinds of relationships, most especially those that involve romance. If you don’t communicate well or if you say what you don’t mean, there will be issues.
They’ll start out small and they’ll grow bigger without you noticing. And when you notice it, most of the time it’s already too late to save the relationship. So, be sure to tell your SO everything that he needs to know, and he should do the same for you. This way, you can avoid instances of miscommunication along the way.

3. You don’t spend time enjoying each other’s company

No matter how busy you are, you should always find time to relax with each other. This is the time when you can catch up on each other’s personal lives, talk about things that matter to you and just unwind. If this doesn’t happen, you’ll end up sharing important matters with other people, which isn’t ideal. This can also lead to an emotional affair, which can ultimately cause and irreparable damage your relationship.

4. You forgot to laugh and have fun as a couple

Remember the old adage “Laughter is the best medicine?” It’s applicable even to romantic relationships. If you don't take yourselves and each other seriously, you’ll surely go crazy and start to drift apart over time.
For this reason, find time to smile and laugh, even for the simplest moments that you’re together.

5. You fight more often than necessary

There are fights that are just petty and then there are those that are huge. If both kinds of fights are what you’re dealing in your relationship, you can be sure that it will be headed downhill if you don’t do anything to address the reasons behind your fights.
Remember to approach your partner in a non-confrontational and non-judgmental way so that you’ll be able to discuss things calmly, with the goal to resolve all minor and major conflicts you have so that you can start over again.

6. You don’t discuss the future anymore

You’re essentially a part of each other’s future the moment that your relationship becomes serious. Thus, it’s important to talk about where you want the relationship to go and what exactly you want out of the relationship from time to time.
If your goals don’t mesh anymore, that’s one reason you’ve started growing apart and it could also lead to your breakup. Act fast, and be sure that you’re still on the same page if you really want to salvage your relationship.

7. Your priorities have changed

Remember how you used to be his number one priority and how he was yours? If one or both of you don’t feel that way anymore, then something has changed down the line. You need to start putting in some effort to make each other feel like they’re number one in your life so you can keep the relationship going.
Relationships require both parties to constantly work for it. They don’t blossom just because you want them to; rather, you have to water it with love, make sure it gets enough sunshine each day and prune the weeds that may grow around it so that it will bloom and stay strong over time. So start working on your relationship today. It’s never too late if you and your man are willing to work as partners once again. Good luck!
culled: youqueen.com
Are any of these signs visible in your relationship? How did you address them? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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