Saturday, 23 April 2016


Comparison, they say is the thief of joy...Let's find out why and how!

Comparison starts when you are constantly seeking to be what you're not and might never be!
Each individual is unique. You have a unique DNA,  there's no one like you in this entire earth (wow, that feels amazing to say). Why try to be someone else? why be a mere COPY?!
We tend not to appreciate what we have, where we are at and who we are. But know this; millions of other people in the world will kill to be in your shoes! Yes, it might sound a little bit far fetched but it's true. If you think you're feeling bad....someone is feeling worse. If you think you're broke...someone can't even afford a meal. If you think your wardrobe is stale, someone is wearing rags....The list is endless
Whoever it is that's your measure of comparison might not even be better off than you after all.  It's he who wears the shoes that knows where it pinches. People put up phony appearances all the time, deep down that perfect person with the perfect life might be miserable...

I'll buttress my point with a short story...

There was a poor man and his wife...They lived their life always working in order to survive. They didn't have much...All they had was each other and their small house. The man would go out to the farm and come back with the little they would eat that day. This was how they had been living their lives.  Each night after supper, they would look outside their thatch house window at a very big house far away that belonged to a wealthy couple. They'll stare and wish and even imagine living in that house, having the other couple's life. Then they'll fall asleep wishing and hating the life they are stuck with.
One day, his wife escorted him to the farm. It was the day of the harvest so they came back with baskets full of food. They were very happy and excited...They hadn't seen this much food all at once for a very long time...on their way back, the rich man was driving by with his wife in the car. They were fighting as usual....then the rich man peered through the window...The sight of the poor man and his wife laughing so heartily while bringing in their harvest moved him and he said to his wife; if only we could be happy like them, I'd give anything to have that life....

Be grateful for whatever you have...your bad state is someone else's daydream!

Stay tuned!

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