Thursday, 28 April 2016


Is keeping secrets healthy for a relationship?

The truth is that keeping a secret from your significant other, no matter how a lie, a lie of omission, and you know how it is with've got to keep telling more of it to cover it up and then, before you know it, you have a huge heap of lies in front of you and you keep wondering how it got this bad...and the thing is, you've entered an infinite loop of lies and it wont stop until you reveal it to your partner but then it might have gotten to the stage where it could ruin the relationship. 
Keeping secrets from someone is no different than lying to them...

Many people think that telling the truth will make it worse but trust me, once they find out, you'd wish you told...

People are hurt by lies and grow apart. It’s hard to feel emotionally connected to someone when you catch them in a lie or find out that they’ve kept a secret from you.

The best thing is to confide in your partner when something happens...what's the worst that could happen at that moment when its still something that could be dealt with? You can either be honest about it or risk loosing that person for life! If something has a chance of impacting your partner's future or his or her life with you, then he or she has a right to know about it

Even when you've just entered a new relationship, the best thing is to tell them anything from your past that in all honesty, the person should know. If the person can't deal with it, it's better they leave while its still early than years later when it will hurt the most...

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