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Before going into a relationship, you have to determine if you are ready for it...whether you just had a messy breakup, or you've been single for a while...

this post will help you decide if you are ready to get back on the

Here are the signs...

1. Your ex is no longer a bitter presence in your mind.

That is… until you no longer care anymore about your ex. He is no longer a thought to you. You can actually live through the present day without pondering on how devastated you are without them.
When your ex is no longer a part of your daily thoughts, it’s a clear sign you have officially let go and are ready to hold onto something new.
2. You are no longer interested in rebounds.
That is...Someone you use to distract you from the pain, hurt and anger you experienced after a recent ex and/or breakup.
Often you dont have any form of feelings or emotions for this person (most people try to convince themselves that they do) and he/she often used physically and emotionally until you are ready to be single.
When you actually want your dates to mean something and you have no interest in catching a rebound, you know it's time to start looking for the real thing.
3. Guys/Girls aren't the main thing on your mind.
Usually, when you are getting over a breakup, you tend to focus on replacing your ex with someone else.
Another thing that often happens is that you are so used to hanging out with a guy or girl that you think it’s the only way to have fun.
If this is you...then sadly, you're not ready to move on. 
When your focus mob=ves to something else entirely like work, family, friends or other things that really matter to you, then you know that you're emotionally ready to include another individual in your life to become a part of you.
4. You’re done with playing “the game.”
The game where you flirt with everyone until you find someone you're really attracted to.
Then, you play hard to get to see if they’ll fall. Finally, you play around to try to figure out who will say “I love you” first.
When you're tired of playing the game with every guy/girl you meet, you are finally ready to just cut the crap, go straight to the real talk and choose the one who is ready to settle down, too, you know you're ready to start looking.
5. You are happy with who you are.
If you want to live a life you absolutely love, you have to know who you are, what you stand for, what you value and you have to also determine what you want from a relationship.
Once you establish these things and your vision is crystal clear, love will come to you whether you're looking for it or not.
Once you figure out that you are ready to start dating, take it slow, be sure to communicate and remember to always lay out your expectations and expect to receive the same thing in return.
Remember, you already have everything you need in order to be happy in life.
Choosing to date again is not because you need to feel happy, it’s because you now want to share your happiness with someone.

Best of luck!!!
Stay tuned

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