Thursday, 30 June 2016


Let’s be honest, you’re in love with love. You can’t help the fact that you’re always on a mission to find the one. Anything to do with romance makes you feel like the world makes a lot more sense.

  1. You’re completely obsessed with red roses and anything that says the word love on it.
  2. You overanalyze anything that your crush says to you and every interaction makes you feel like they're the one.
  3. Whenever you meet someone new, you immediately imagine a potential future together and think about all the possibilities in your future relationship.
  4. You constantly think about that person and wonder what they have to say about you when you’re not around.
  5. You feel weak in the knees whenever you’re in your crush's presence.
  6. You always look your best around them because you want them to see all your beauty. 
  7. You still believe that falling in love is the perfect thing..
  8. And you still believe in princes and princesses.
  9. The first kiss is extremely important to you. Every moment is special and greatly impacts your relationship.
  10. You receive butterflies whenever you’re around the one you like because you feel like you’re on cloud nine.
  11. You would do anything for the person you love.
  12. You’re far too invested in the love lives of fictional characters in your favorite books and T.V. shows.
  13. The second you fall in love with someone you already start imagining what your babies will look like.
  14. You’re very in love with every romantic movie you know...
  15. You have a whole board on Pinterest that’ll help plan your wedding day down to every single detail.
  16. You stalk your crush on social media on every single social media app and try to justify it.
  17. You’re always wishing that old fashion dating habits still were trending.
  18. You’re finding yourself constantly disappointed in modern day romance. It’s very frustrating to you that people take it all for granted.
  19. You can’t stand online dating sites because you believe it's horribly annoying and disrespectful to the idea of love.
  20. Everyone comes to you for advice when it involves relationships and anything to do with love. You always give them hope.
  21. You’re way too involved in your best friend’s relationships.
  22. You hate that everyone is too into the whole hookup culture, and you wish people would just settle down with someone they truly care about.
  23. You’ve watched too many romantic comedies for your own good.
  24. The lyrics in love songs really speak to you and you obsess over every little word.
  25. You’re head over heels with the idea of love.
  26. You have a hard time differentiating whether you love someone or you’re just in love with the idea of someone.
  27. You daydream consistently of meeting your soulmate. Before you go to bed, you roll around imagining your ideal person.
  28. You believe that your soul mate is somewhere out there waiting for you.
  29. You have way too high of expectations. After all, watching so many romantic movies with perfect main characters sets the bar very high.
  30. Valentine’s Day is your absolute favorite holiday of all time. You wait for it all year.
  31. You take every date very seriously because you want to give it your all.
  32. Despite whatever happens, you always have a positive outlook on love.
Anything to do with love is something you desire...

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