Thursday, 23 June 2016


Looking for Mr Right?

Looking for ideal man who is good enough to be your Mr Right is not a very easy task! It require lots of effort from you, the hype is all on the search but have you asked yourself how prepared you are to make him a part of your world? 
The chances are, that your Mr Right is searching for you too which means that you need to be available where he can find you and for you to be available you actually have to be able to recognise him to be "the one". These questions will help you decide and think about what you really want.
1. Do you attach so much importance as to how your would be Mr Right should look like? If you want to have beautiful children, looks may be important but looks may not be really important if you are just thinking to get hitched soon.
2. Is the amount he earns and his kind of profession important to you?
3. How about his social life and personality? Would you like to marry someone who is the quiet type or the one that is the life of the party? Choose which lifestyle would compliment your personality.
4. What value or character do you have and what morals, values and character would you like your Mr Right to possess?
5. What kind of man are you seeking for, is it for a lifetime commitment or just for companionship?
6. What categories of man do you want as your Mr right? Could you consider someone who has married before or never married or a widower?
7. What about distance relationship, would you consider long distance relationship?
8. What characteristics, hobbies, likes and dislikes and basically similarities would you like for  Mr Right to share with you?
9. How willing and ready are you to integrate and associate yourself  with his friends and family or would you rather not?
10. Have you set your reasonable  expectations and standards and decided that Mr Right should be able to meet them without you lowering them or settling?
11. Are you sure you’re really ready to go into a committed relationship? Have you analyzed the circumstances around you? Do you have unresolved issues that are still hurting you, and can’t really let you think well of another man?
12. What extra effort can you make when trying to find Mr Right? Put yourself in the kind of places that you're most likely to find the kind of man you're looking for!
The responses you provide to these 12 questions to consider when looking for Mr right are going to be your guidelines and will give you some insight into what you really need and not just what you want in a man.

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