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These might come in handy...share with your loved ones and raise awareness...

1.   Using Loofahs for more than three months!

10. Using Loofahs for more than three months.

“It accumulates germs, bacteria, and mildew like a nasty old kitchen sponge, but it’s just less obvious, ”That means germs from your own body plus any that it picks up from the surfaces in the shower. And all that loofah-ing with bacteria can be a major cause of body acne. It’s best to just not use these, but if you love loofahs, make sure to clean them properly by rinsing them with super hot water and letting them dry outside the shower in between uses. And always replace them every three months.

2. Keeping your soap in dish.

It will definitely breed germs and bacteria unless there are holes in it!
Unless it has holes in it, this is literally just a petri dish for germs to grow, says Green. That’s because one side will always stay wet, which will allow germs to grow — yes, even on soap.

3. Letting your shower curtain grow mold.

Dirty shower curtains harbor yeast and fungus.
“Mold spores are microscopic — so if you can actually see the black color, you literally have millions or billions of spores present,”
Dirty shower curtains can also harbor yeast and fungus, which can cause infections if the curtain comes in contact with exposed skin. The best solution is either replacing the curtain if it’s too far gone or scrubbing it with bleach, which is a super effective and cheap mold remover.

4. Everyone drying their hands on the same towel.

Even though they’re mostly used after people clean their hands, a towel is the perfect moist environment for mildew and germs to grow. Plus, you never know if someone used it on their face or mouth, too.The best option is to have your own individual hand towel (make them color-coded if multiple people share the bathroom) and launder it every week. And don’t use someone else’s hand towel — you have literally no idea what body parts it touched and what germs it picked up.

5. Taking shower in a hot and steamy bathroom without proper ventilation.

Because bathrooms are so moist already, lack of ventilation allows the same mold spores and mildew that grows on your shower curtain to grow all over the regular walls. All that mold and mildew on the walls can trigger allergies and asthma in some people, and it’s just generally not super healthy to breathe in all the time. If you have a vent fan, turn that on when showering, or keep a door or window open to properly ventilate the bathroom, which can dramatically reduce spore count.

6. Leaving your razors in the shower.

If the razor sits in water for too long, it will end up rusting and contaminated with bacteria. Lightly spray it with alcohol between uses to kill any residual germs or bacteria.

7. Using the same tooth-brush after being sick.
When you brush your teeth with a nasty head cold, all those germs in your saliva and mucus go right into the bristles, and they can survive there for weeks. So if you were sick and finally starting to feel better, those might reinfect you.

6. Or keeping all the toothbrushes together in the same old cup.

If you share a bathroom with roommates or family, cramming all your toothbrushes into a shared holder is basically inevitable. But if it’s so crowded that the bristles are touching and transmitting germs, you may as well be sharing toothbrushes with your roomies (and their significant others). And if someone gets sick, it’s likely those germs will get on your toothbrush too.
Besides, have you ever looked at the bottom of the toothbrush cup after not washing it in a while? It’s like a reservoir for germy mold and mildew. 

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