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I'm introducing a new aspect of this blog called "heart guide session" because some blog visitors have been sending me emails concerning their relationship queries for me to give them my own opinion of things, and I'm always open to help in my own little way... I've decided to create a platform here where I can publish them (with the blog visitor's request of course) and give objective opinions! And of course, other viewers can also give their own opinions in the comment section.
Today, with permission, I'm going to publish a query I got yesterday;

He has changed...
The writer has asked not to be named..
Sylvia, ur posts hv been inspiring me in most aspects of my love life. I like wat ur doing, giving us insights and courage to move forward in any relationship,  but I have an issue troubling me. I have been dating this guy for 2yrs now and things are no longer as it used to be. At first it was all rosy and cool, he loved me like a child and treats me nice,  we quarrel at times bt not for long plus we share the same ideology and all that but now things are getting out of hand, he no longer sees me the way he was seeing me when we first met...  I seriously don't know what to do? Need ur help on this one. 

Sylvia thinks...
Hi writer,
I'm sorry about what you're going through...It's not a nice place to be. I can't tell you exactly what's going on because you have given me too little information to work with. The only thing for sure is that you need to have a conversation with this guy and ask him what the problem really is. That's the only way you can know for sure. You need to approach him gently and just ask him (don't make it a big deal) Tell him how much you miss the way things used to be, he might just open up.
On the other hand, check within yourself too if anything has changed on your path, if you have stopped doing certain things the way you used to. Too often we tend to think all the negative change is coming from our partners' that we fail to see that we might have changed too. I wish you all the best!


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  1. Dear Anonymous writer,
    You are going through what a lot of women go through. Men want different things and as far as you cannot read minds you cannot know what men want and when they get exactly what they were looking for they lose interest. However, in this case you have to be strong emotionally because as it stands you are at risk of being a needy girlfriend to him. Mirror his emotions, if he is acting cold you act cold too. If he want to see you once a week agree and act normal, infact turn him down occasionally till he comes to his senses. I know you like this guy but your self esteem and worth is more important than how you feel about him. So do what i feel is necessary which is hold back your emotions.


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