Monday, 16 May 2016


Other than the three special words, there are other things you could do to make your special someone feel loved...

Tell them you love them in the following ways;

  • Send random texts and pictures
This helps a lot to let your special someone know that you're thinking of them and that they are constantly on your mind. Then send pictures of you during your day's activities, like when you're at a boring meeting, in class, etc. It helps them feel like they're there with you during your day to day activities.

  • Ask for their opinions on matters relating to your work and hobbies
You both have different jobs, hobbies, and interests outside each other. So it's important to keep them abreast on recent happenings on your own end because most times, they may not understand the stuff you do all the keep them posted so they can know what it's like. You can also present a situation and then ask for their advice...this feels nice knowing you respect them enough and trust them to be of help.

  • Call them in the middle of the day
....just to say how much you miss them!

  • Assure them that everything is going to be okay...
You could do this when you feel they're getting stressed out generally.
  • Make plans and surprise them
You could get tickets to go see a movie, or just plan something that involves only the two of you without their knowledge, then just call them up and surprise them with it.

  • You could just decide to go old school and write a love letter
LOL...the things I would do to have a love letter! In this modern age, everything has gone digital so text messages and social media platforms have taken the place of good old fashioned love letters. So you could just take out the time and go the extra mile by writing a sweet sweet note!

  • Make or buy things that remind you of them...
It's always nice to give gifts. It reminds them that you're thinking of them.

  • Suggest that you both do something you know only them likes
It's not one of your favourite things...but it's theirs! so suggest that you both do it together, even if it's just the one time.

  • ...just be there for them and do other things that come naturally to you
Hope these tips help to say the three special words without really saying it because most times all we hear is "I love you"...all the time, it starts to sound somewhat clich`e when there is not much done to show that it's true...these little things could go a long way. Afterall, they say it's little drops that make a mighty ocean.


  1. Love is natural. Thanks for inspiring my heart this morning.


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