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Another blog visitor sent in a query yesterday...

Mood swings...
The sender has asked not to be named
i got to know about your blog through a friend,i would like to share
this problem troubling my peace for sometime with you.
I've known my gf for 5 years now, we only started dating 2 years ago.
It's not been rosy i must confess but i actually think it might worth
the hurdles at the end. The major problem i have with her is on the
issue of mood swings, her mood changes without any warning signs. We
can be having fun or discussing some issues...and all of a sudden her
demeanor changes, she becomes cold and withdrawn. I've tried severally
to talk to her about it because it literally drains me on the inside.
She has made several resolutions to change and become better but at
the end,nothing changes. I've tried to even get some of our mutual
friends to talk to her, but i end up getting the same result.This
whole thing is causing serious friction in our relationship and feel
like leaving her but i know i still love her.

Sylvia thinks...

Hi, thanks for sending in your query.  From the look of things, I strongly feel that there's something troubling her deep down. Since you said she would be happy then her mood changes all of a sudden...probably when she remembers it. Generally, a little mood swing now and then is quite normal for women but when it becomes all the time then there's a serious problem. Men and women both experience their share of mood swings, but for some reason, females are more often associated with mood swings.  The worst part of it is that she's not opening up to you. I think you should take out time to study the situation...When you're together, what are the things you do or what exactly happens right before she snaps! There could be a trigger; Don't just assume that she's being her regular cranky self!  so please try to establish why she just snapped at you. What could you have said to cause it? or if there is an underlying issue that could explain why she got mad? Then dialogue...try to talk to her once she has cooled off, and ask her why she got so angry. Was it something you said or did? and if not, assure her that she can confide in you with whatever is troubling her. Hope this helps...
Wish you luck! 


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